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 We Answer Your Questions On The Company, Timber Frame Homes And Our Developments

Due to the overwhelming demand of new home buyers searching for information on buying a new home, especially timber framed homes, we created this, the Raggett Homes Help Section. Here you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about buying a suitable home, and a little more.

Why Choose A Raggett Home?

Choosing a home is one of the most important decisions of our lives. At Raggett Homes we are dedicated to creating quality homes that enhance people's lives at all stages. For 35 years Raggett Homes has built a reputation for creating stylish homes of real quality, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. By adopting a consistently demanding approach to design and construction we have been able to provide a whole range of various homes, from apartment living to executive homes. Raggett Homes is a member of Homebond and each house is registered with Homebond with a ten year structural guarantee.

Raggett Homes are committed to ensuring that our customers receive a high quality of service and product and enjoy the experience of purchasing a new home. Raggett Homes’ sales team is enthusiastic and most have recently gone through the buying process themselves so they are very much aware of the issues involved.

We continually strive to be industry leaders. Sustainable living is at the core of our business, there are numerous features designed into homes to make it more energy efficient from timberframe construction to providing appliances with a A energy rating. Raggett Homes embraces all government policies in order to improve the quality of life for all, not only now, but in the future.

Why is Raggett Homes Ltd committed to building timber framed houses?

Raggett Homes Ltd is completely committed to building timber framed houses for many reasons, some of which are:

Energy Efficiency
Timber Frame Homes are easy to heat, cosy to live in and can result in heating cost savings of up to 50%

Speed of Construction
As all timber frame components are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and then delivered to site, the timber frame structural shell can be erected and roofed with felt and tiling battens within days.

Sound insulation
The sound insulation properties of a timber frame home meet all the requirements of the current building regulations

The life-span of a timber frame home is the same as that of a masonry built home

With timber frame, right angles are true and edges are straight, which makes wallpapering and carpet laying a great deal easier.

Dry Conditions
With timber frame construction water is virtually eliminated from the building process and as a result decoration can go ahead much quicker.

What is a 'BER' or 'Building Energy Rating'?

The Building Energy Rating is designed to inform property owners on the cost of running their homes and it applies to new homes built as of 1st January 2007. Paddy Raggett Homes will provide the purchaser with a BER certificate during the sales process. The BER scheme was brought in as a part of an EU wide initiative and is governed here in Ireland by Sustainable Energy Ireland (www.sei.ie). The principle of the BER scheme is that every building receives an energy efficiency rating, by which prospective buyers can determine how efficient it will be to run.

Are Timber Framed Homes Noisier Than Concrete Built Ones?

No. Most people's concerns regarding sound transmission relate to impact noise from upstairs to downstairs. This problem exists in any house with timber floor joists, whether it is timber frame or masonry. If you are concerned about noise passing from room to room, it is very cheap and easy to have the walls made more sound efficient than a block wall.

How much of a deposit is required to secure a house?

A small deposit of approximately €2,000 to €2,500 is required to secure a house.

When will our houses be ready?

Customers will be given a completion date on purchase of their house. Raggett Homes always endeavour to complete the construction of houses as quickly as possible, without compromising quality.

What material is used for dividing wall between semi-detached houses?

The dividing wall is also of timberframe construction, providing greater soundproofing than traditional block/concrete construction.

Is there a structural guarantee on our house?

Raggett Homes is a member of Homebond and each house is registered with Homebond and therefore has a ten year structural guarantee.

Is there a yearly management charge?

There is no yearly management charge on any of our housing development. Raggett Homes maintain the upkeep of communal areas during construction, which is handed over to the local authority on completion of the housing development.

Can you help in securing a mortgage?

Though a business partner, Ellis Financial we offer a complete solution to your home-buying needs. You will know what a complicated and time-consuming process it can be, finding the home you want and arranging a mortgage are only the beginning. Ellis Financial understands that what customers want is not a mortgage product on its own but a complete home-buying service. This service includes the provision of mortgages, life assurance, home insurance, legal aspects and so on. This service offers customers everything required to make home buying easy, convenient and cost effective. Ellis Financial will save the average first-time buyer almost 70% in total costs and all other purchasers at least 50% in total costs when purchasing their home. Contact www.ellisfinancial.ie or e-mail John at john@ellisfinancial.ie or 056 7795804.

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